Don’t Ignore Your Check Engine Light!

Check Engine light

Don’t ignore your “Check Engine” light!

You should be familiar with all your dashboard warning lights. If the symbols don’t make sense to you have a look at your manual, it will explain them and give you general instructions on what to do next. Your Ironwood Auto Technicians are available to answer questions about your dashboard warning lights, being firm believers that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

With that in mind, catching a warning light early can save you money! Take your “Check Engine” light, for example. A steadily illuminated “Check Engine” light is less urgent than a flashing light, which means you have some time to get it checked out. It doesn’t mean leave it until it starts flashing and you have a real problem, keep in mind that it is usually less expensive to fix a problem at this stage

A flashing check engine light indicates a condition exists that could lead to serious damage! Expensive damage! This situation calls for immediate action. Ironwood Auto Technicians can diagnose the “Check Engine” light on most makes and models of vehicles. They will identify the problem and discuss the solutions with you. Don’t delay, being proactive in this situation can save you money.

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