Merry Christmas! How Are YOUR Brakes?

RoadSalting (200x164)Winter driving is here and even on Vancouver Island winter weather means the possibility of snow and the certainty of ice. These winter conditions mean road crews are out spreading salt, calcium and gravel on our highways and we are all driving through it with our vehicles.

We may be happy to see the road crews at work making driving conditions safer, but the material they leave in their wake can wreak havoc with our brakes. Variations in temperature and humidity along with exposure to the salt, gravel and calcium can contribute to faster wear and premature brake failure or poor braking consistency. Considering that our brakes are our vehicle’s most important safety feature this is something you simply cannot afford to ignore.

If you have noticed any issues with your brakes you should consider a pre-emptive strike and have them looked at before the problem worsens. Ironwood Auto Technicians can disassemble your brakes, clean them and properly lubricate each part, extending their life and ensuring they work effectively when you need them most, on the ice and snow of winter roads.

Please drive safely and make sure you adjust your driving to suit the weather and road conditions. With good brakes and the proper care and attention you’ll sail through another winter problem free!

Season’s Greetings from Ironwood Auto Technicians!

The staff of Ironwood Auto Technicians would like to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and best wishes for health and happiness in the year to come!Holly (125x97)


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