How’s Your Air Conditioning?

FIs your vehicle air conditioning keeping you cool?rom one sun lover to another let’s agree on one thing, a hot summer day at the beach is heaven! On the other hand, a hot summer day in your car without air conditioning is… well, imagine cloven hooves a tail and a pitchfork and you get the picture.

For a vehicle owner a working A/C system is more than a matter of personal comfort on a hot summer day. By pulling moisture out of the air your A/C also keeps your windshield from fogging up.

Safety and comfort are two of the reasons why the system should be checked for leaks on an annual basis .Did you know that the refrigerant in your A/C system does more than cool the air? Sure if levels of refrigerant drop too low the A/C system won’t be as effective as it could be. You may notice the difference but think you can “live with it” for another summer but FYI the refrigerant also delivers the oil that protects several related parts in the A/C system. By neglecting to service your A/C you run the risk of ruining your A/C. Remember, prevention is ALWAYS cheaper than a repair!

Trouble Shooting
The following can indicate signs of trouble with your A/C:
• a fan blower that’s louder than usual
• a compressor that frequently engages & disengages
• rough idling or high engine temp whenever you run the A/C
• dash controls that don’t work
• musty odours
• water on the floor

At Ironwood Auto Technicians our mechanics are trained & certified in A/C, they can diagnose & repair your A/C system and get you back on the road.
Be proactive! Don’t dread driving in this summer heat when a little preventative maintenance may be all you need to keep cool until fall

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