Vehicle Air Conditioning – What You Need to Know

The air conditioning on any vehicle dramatically reduces the available horsepower from between 15% to 25%. Of course this drain of horsepower affects your fuel economy so you now have to decide whether to “open the window, save gas and listen to traffic” or “turn on the AC, sacrifice fuel economy and be able to hear your sound system”.

You should be aware that using your air conditioning system does put additional stress on your vehicle’s cooling system in general so your cooling system needs to be in good working order to prevent your engine from overheating while your AC is on.

Your air conditioning unit contains lots of moving parts and they do wear out. Your AC hoses and components need to be checked for debris and metal particles that can restrict the flow of refrigerant through your AC system, making your vehicle work harder to keep you cool this summer.

AirFilter225Many new cars have cabin air filters, if you have one it should be inspected to make sure it is not clogged and air can move the cold air efficiently. This ensures the interior of your vehicle will cool down quickly.

If you need AC maintenance or a diagnosis and repairs on a non-working AC we have the technicians & diagnostic equipment ready to do the job! This is a common problem, call Ironwood Auto Technicians and book an appointment today so you’re in good shape for the rest of the season. 250-914-4151

Personal Note: Enjoy the summer weather and help take care of our Island in these dry conditions. There are over 100 fires burning in BC right now, many caused by human carelessness. We ALL need to be more careful!


Spring has almost sprung, now is the time to consider replacing your winter tires. Ironwood Auto Technicians can supply you with the service of changing over your tires and has a good selection of new tires if needed.

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